Single Residence Property Cleanouts

Remove and get rid of exiting tenant junk and furniture quickly with our #1 single residence property cleanouts service. GreenStep Waste Solutions offers faster junk removal at a lower price.
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Junk removal for rentals

Property managers and owners know the headache of removing abandoned or unwanted junk from their single residence rental. If you find yourself in a junked-up situation, consider enlisting the help of Greenstep.

Specializing in residential and commercial junk removal services, Greenstep provides eco-friendly waste solutions for all of your junk removal needs.

Single Family

Exiting tenants from a single residence? Get rid of leftover junk.


We cleanout apartment junk quickly

Illegal Dumping

Remove illegaly dumped junk from your dumpsters or parking lot


Larger property with more junk? We'll haul it all

Junk Removal Services for the following locations

Nashville, Tennessee
Sacramento, California

Junk Removal Client Reviews

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One Step at a Time.

Ready to work with the future of waste removal services? Our organization combines best-in-class customer service with eco-friendly waste removal service. 
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