Guide for Residents

How our valet trash service works

GreenStep is stepping up to provide a stress free trash and recycling removal service that is eco-friendly and affordable.

How Valet Trash Works


Place bin outside

Residents place waste bin outside their door each evening between 6 - 8 pm
  • All trash must be bagged and tied.
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down.
  • Nightly service allows up to two 25 lb. bags.
  • Pet waste must be double bagged.
  • Weekly Schedule

    Sunday to Thursday
    8 pm - 11 pm
    No scheduled service on:
    Christmas Eve
    & Day
    New Years Eve
    & Day
    Easter Sunday
    Labor Day
    4th of July
    Memorial Day
    Valet Trash Policies
    For this service to be successful, everyone needs to do their part and follow the rules. Your first violation will result in a warning notice. Each violation after will result in a $25 fine from your management company
    All trash must be bagged and tied
    cardboard must be broken down and neatly placed behind waste bin
    Only 2 bags per night ~ 25lb per bag
    Pet waste must be double bagged
    No overflowing waste bins
    Bins must be inside by 9 am the following morning
    Please note that contaminated waste will destroy our recycling efforts. If you are confused on what is trash and what can be recycled check out our detailed guide at or email us at


    One Step at a Time.

    Ready to work with the future of waste removal services? Our organization combines best-in-class customer service with eco-friendly waste removal service. 
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